Deploy documentation request

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    Deploy documentation request

    Hi Geoff,

    I'm referring to this topic:

    I roamed a little bit through out posts to finnaly find the solution for the right deploy in IIS. Precisely:

            <add path="*/coolite.axd" verb="*" type="Coolite.Ext.Web.ResourceManager" validate="false" />
    It would be good if in the next release, in the readme.txt file or under examples -> Getting Stared -> Introduction, you will introduce some deploy documentation, differences between IIS versions, .NET Framework etc.

    Thanx a lot

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    RE: Deploy documentation request

    Hi Matteo,

    Yes, agreed. I will be publishing a new item to the example explorer soon, which will also include a sample Web.config file with all possible options including differences between IIS6 and IIS7.

    Geoffrey McGill
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    RE: Deploy documentation request



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    RE: Deploy documentation request

    is there a specific setting for deployment on iis 7
    i can't deploy my site on iis7.
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    RE: Deploy documentation request

    Does the following "SAMPLE WEB.CONFIG" section within the†README.txt help solve the problem, see†

    Geoffrey McGill
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    RE: Deploy documentation request

    thank you my dear geoffrey.mcgill
    <div id="result_box" dir="ltr" style="text-align: left;">I have experience it now and
    have already succeeded in publishing
    thank you again.

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