How can I to Save Selected State in MasterPage for Accordion and correct Display After cross Page?

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    solved it!!

    the post is solved!!
    please help to close it! thank you!

    I am a new user to use the Coolite.Ext.Net.
    I don't know how to use Coolite Control's Event to develop code.
    can some good guy help to solve this problem?????:)

    have a panel , cs code to Dynamic generate Accordion Control.
    have Two Level in Accordion1.
    the Accordion Control has to add MenuPanel and Panel(has other MenuPanel) , than add Menu and MenuItem in MenuPanel.

    before i don't contact Coolite .

    the sample in here. it is old code like this by pre-Author.
    only Save-Selected-State is new need in my terms.

    i have used the panel's Listeners.Activate Delay = 5000, but Display-State is Previous-State to Click MenuItem.
    like this Event to click:
    mi = new Coolite.Ext.Web.MenuItem(); 
    mi.Listeners.Click.Handler = "asscesslog('" + i.ToString() + "','" + j.ToString() + "','0','" + sSelectText + "', '')";
    have other possible to do like this url sample?
    1.have another save method to replace Session?? can I use some Event to correct Display the Selected State??

    netCooliteuser post
    Thank You Very much!!
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