I had used collite controls with .net framework 2.0.

I had setup the application on Windows 2003 (32 Bit) with ISS 6 its working correctly as per my expectations.

I had setup a new server with windows 2008 server machine (64 Bit) with IIS 7.

The coolite is not working on this server. Coolite is not giving any error and not showing any error.

I had attached snapshots of both the operating system.

Image- 64.jpg represents (windows 2008, IIS 7, 64 bit machine) on which coolite is not working

Image - 32bit.jpg represents (windows 2003,IIS 6, 32 Bit) On which it working successfully.

I am posting this after 2 days of R & D. Please let me know what I have to do to use this powerful tool.

This tool have all the features which we need in the present world to speed up development.

I am very thankful for your kind support.

Warm Regards,