[CLOSED] DirectEvent Parameters (Multiple)

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    [CLOSED] DirectEvent Parameters (Multiple)


    Would it be possible to introduce some logic to allow DirectEvent parameters to evaluate arrays or collections to send multiple values? Would be extremely helpful in ASP.NET MVC as doing the following is getting annoying:

    								<ext:Parameter Name="Parameter1" Value="Ext.pluck(Store.getRange(), 'id').join()" Mode="Raw" />
    public ActionResult Example(string parameter1)
    	string[] values = parameter1.Split(',');
    Thoughts? I can think of few scenarios where it would be helpful.

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    Can you provide more details? What exactly do you need? You can pass arrays if set Encode="true" for the parameter (on the server side that array will be represented as string)

    I think you posted code should works fine, isn't it? Can you provide mockup code of desired functionality?
    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    Please close -- this was a misunderstanding on my part.


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