[CLOSED] Load byte array jpg into a Ext:Image

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    [CLOSED] Load byte array jpg into a Ext:Image

    Is it possible to load a byte array jpg image into a ext:image object?

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    Thanks, this works!
    But, the ext:image object does not seems to like this. When i set the AllowPan property to true, the image gets wrong dimensions and gets very small.

    Any idea?

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    Can you provide the sample? If you the same static image instead image via handler then does it work correctly? If you use AllowPane="true" then you have to provide own size (fixed) for ext:Image
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    Its very simple, I just do this

    <ext:Image ID="imgPreview" runat="server" AllowPan="true" />
    imgPreview.ImageUrl = "ImageHandler.ashx"
    Then the size gets wrong, If I set the image directly in the ImageUrl it works. It is when it goes via the ImageHandler that it does not. So I have to set the size manually to solve it then.

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    As I mentioned before if you set AllowPan="true" then please set fixed size for the image or place the image inside layout (just image widget size must be less then real image size to allow correct pan)
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    I am also using HttpHandler in my application to load images. My application works like this:

    1. All the images titles are displayed in the GridPanel along with button "View".
    2. When the "View" button is clicked, it must show the selected imaged in a new window.

    However, when I click the "View" button once, it shows me the image but it does not change the image when I click on the next image.
    I will be thankful to receive any help.

    public void ReloadImage()
    Image1.ImageUrl = "Handler.ashx";
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    Please start a new thread. If you feel two threads are related, please feel free to cross link between the two.

    Also please use [CODE ] tags, see
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    it is possible to load jpg image to the EXT:Image, i am always using this image .net sdk to load images vb.net of various kinds of images including tiff jpeg bitmap and so on. you can load from file stream and .net graphics.
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    Hi @facesad,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
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