[CLOSED] Switching DataSource of GridPanel store causing problems with paging

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    [CLOSED] Switching DataSource of GridPanel store causing problems with paging

    I'm using remote paging/sorting. All of that is working well, but occasionally, I need to change the datasource that the store is reading from. If I've changed my page to something >1 then it's possible that I can get the situation where my current page is greater than the total number of pages. What I need to do is reset the paging start value when the datasource is changed. Here's part of the code that I'm using:

    I'm trying to switch the datasource on my grid using something like the following. The actual changing of the datasource is working fine. I just need to put something in the DataBind so that the page number is set back to 1. How can I do this?

        Public Overrides Sub DataBind()
            'Clear out grid and reset paging
        End Sub
        Public Sub Store_Refresh(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As Ext.Net.StoreRefreshDataEventArgs)
            Dim stuff As New List(Of Object)
            For i = 1 To 1000
                stuff.Add(New With {.foo = "Row " & i})
            e.Total = stuff.Count
            'Handle sorting
            stuff = stuff.Skip(e.Start).Take(e.Limit)
            Store1.DataSource = stuff
        End Sub
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