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    About Source Code Distribution

    Dear All,

    If I use coolite (community edition) controls in my business project and sell it commercially, then which one should be applied

    1. I should make my entire business project Open source. i.e. Release it under GPL 3.0
    2. No need to make entire project open source. but authorization of source code to my client should be given. also I should include GPL3.0 of coolite controls

    Please justify the following statement.

    "If I modify or derive from coolite controls source code than it should be released under GPL 3.0 licence , if I marely use it in my project then
    my project should not be released under GPL 3.0 licence as it contains confidential business logics and process"

    I am a bit confused with modifying the library and using the library regarding release issue under GPL

    Thanks for your time
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    Our intention is to release the Ext.NET v1.0 Community Edition under the GNU AGPLv3 license. More information available at the following location, see

    Geoffrey McGill

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