Problem with TreePanel Selection[1.0]

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    Problem with TreePanel Selection[1.0]


    I am facing this strange problem with treepanel selection model.I have treepanel on my page.The tree can go to any depth.
    - -Level2(inside level1)
    --level3(inside level2)
    -- Level 4(inside level3)

    Say the treepanel id is TreePanel1.In the code-behind the code goes something like this:


    The following code seems to work well till level 2 .Level2 onwards though the tree expands but selection cannot be seen on node at level2 nor level3 or level4.

    I even tried adding javascript for the above but found the same result.

    Please what i need to do is when the user adds a new node , that node should get selected .if its a child node the extreme parent other than the root should get expanded and this node should get selected.

    Plz help.
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