need urgent help challenging job

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    need urgent help challenging job

    Dear Sir,

    We are small software development company in India. We are working on the web based application. We are very much impressed with your tool, its easy to use compared to extjs, we appreciate your effort to develop such a beautiful application, right now we are facing some problem while using the your sdk , explained below

    1. requirement of the software is there will be three different grid in the layout , in the first grid data will be there with check box , once user check on the check box , in the second grid we have to display data related to first checkbox and at the same time selected check box should not go. once users selects checkbox in the second grid then in 3rd grid it should display data related to second checkbox again without refreshing first two grid.

    please let me how to code this or any sample where we can see this

    your kind help is appreciated.

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    I understand that it's very delayed answer, but all the same, here is the example:

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