[1.0] DatePicker adds additional disabledDates that were never set

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    [1.0] DatePicker adds additional disabledDates that were never set

    I'm again uncertain whether this is a bug in ext.net or extjs, however, I know it is definitely adding additional disabled dates.
    when I add 100 DisabledDates.

    <ext:DatePicker ID="Dates" runat="server"/>

    var date = DateTime.Now;// today's date is 7/7/2010. It's a wed. This code will set the next 100 wednesdays (or whatever today is)
    for(int i=0; i<100; i++) {
    Dates.DisabledDates.Add( new DisabledDate( date ) );
    date = date.AddDays(7);

    Around November 2011 till December 2011, Sundays get disabled too. No explanation; no additional code than you see here.

    Can you guys reproduce this scenario?

    The following view-source suggests the bug may be in extjs datpicker rendering engine.
    disabledDates: ["7/7/2010","7/14/2010","7/21/2010","7/28/2010","8/4/2010","8/11/2010","8/18/2010","8/25/2010","9/1/2010","9/8/2010","9/15/2010","9/22/2010","9/29/2010","10/6/2010","10/13/2010","10/20/2010","10/27/2010","11/3/2010","11/10/2010","11/17/2010","11/24/2010","12/1/2010","12/8/2010","12/15/2010","12/22/2010","12/29/2010","1/5/2011","1/12/2011","1/19/2011","1/26/2011","2/2/2011","2/9/2011","2/16/2011","2/23/2011","3/2/2011","3/9/2011","3/16/2011","3/23/2011","3/30/2011","4/6/2011","4/13/2011","4/20/2011","4/27/2011","5/4/2011","5/11/2011","5/18/2011","5/25/2011","6/1/2011","6/8/2011","6/15/2011","6/22/2011","6/29/2011","7/6/2011","7/13/2011","7/20/2011","7/27/2011","8/3/2011","8/10/2011","8/17/2011","8/24/2011","8/31/2011","9/7/2011","9/14/2011","9/21/2011","9/28/2011","10/5/2011","10/12/2011","10/19/2011","10/26/2011","11/2/2011","11/9/2011","11/16/2011","11/23/2011","11/30/2011","12/7/2011","12/14/2011","12/21/2011","12/28/2011","1/4/2012","1/11/2012","1/18/2012","1/25/2012","2/1/2012","2/8/2012","2/15/2012","2/22/2012","2/29/2012","3/7/2012","3/14/2012","3/21/2012","3/28/2012","4/4/2012","4/11/2012","4/18/2012","4/25/2012","5/2/2012","5/9/2012","5/16/2012","5/23/2012","5/30/2012"],

    Should I repost over there, or do you guys prefer to do that?
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    I cannot reproduce it. Can you post a screenshot which shows that date picker?
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    Could it be because I'm using preview? I can reproduce this scenario consistantly regardless of day I start with before Nov 2011.

    Are you rolling forward through the months to Nov-Dec 2011?

    The attachment shows 2 datepickers side-by-side. The image is left is when I forward to October (works) and the right is when I forward to Nov. I ran the code the same as I indicated above and DateTime.Now is 7/8/2010, a Thursday.

    I'm using IE8 and it reproduces in FF3.6 and chrome.
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