[CLOSED] Help debugging various javascript errors

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    [CLOSED] Help debugging various javascript errors

    As I've been using Ext.Net, I've had a number of times where I've done something that caused different unhelpful javascript errors in the browser's console. Is there a debug mode or something where I can see some more helpful information about what might be wrong?
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    RE: [CLOSED] Help debugging various javascript errors


    1. It is better to use Debug scripts when you test an application. You switch to the debug scripts usign
    - ScriptMode="Debug" for the ResourceManager
    - set to the session HttpContext.Current.Session["Ext.Net.ScriptMode"] = ScriptMode.Debug;
    - set it globally in the web.config -

    <extnet scriptMode="Debug"/>

    2. It is more convinience to use IE for debug javascript under VS. If debug is allowed in the IE, to activate debug please see



    In this case VS can intercept all js errors and switch to the IDE where you can set breakpoint, watch variables values, investigate Call Stack to trace exception way and etc

    3. If you have js error and cannot understand the nature of that exception then post sample which reproduces the problem (or atleast function name and number line where exception is occured)

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