[0.8.2] Update Content

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    [0.8.2] Update Content


    I'm using Coolite 0.8.2 and need to update content by loading user control dynamically. Anyone can help me please?

    Thanks for your reading.
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    RE: [0.8.2] Update Content


    Dynamically updating a UserControl during an AjaxEvent/AjaxMethod is not possible in v0.8, although it is possible with v1.0.

    The following example demonstrates with a v1.0 code sample, see


    There may be other options with v0.8, although you will have to post a simplified .aspx code sample demonstrating how to reproduce your scenario.

    Hope this helps.

    Geoffrey McGill
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    RE: [0.8.2] Update Content

    Hi Geoffrey,

    Thank you very much. After talk, my manager has decided to migrate version 1.0 earlier.

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