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    Coolite Examples Explorer


    The Coolite Examples Explorer source code can be downloaded?

    The have this option to use in localhost. The same is made for the Extjs documentation.

    Where can be find?


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    RE: Coolite Examples Explorer

    look at topo of the window, have one button, source code...
    click in this.

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    RE: Coolite Examples Explorer

     any chance that you can share how you deploy the files in the Northwind Subdirectories to VS 2008 projects?

    Thanks so much

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    RE: Coolite Examples Explorer

    I think what was being asked for here is the source code to the entire examples project. For me, the interest is in how the tree menu on the left launches the modules on the right. Any chance you can share the entire examples project?
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    RE: Coolite Examples Explorer

    cmschick (2/15/2009) For me, the interest is in how the tree menu on the left launches the modules on the right.
    Me too, anyone have this kind of sample app ?
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    RE: Coolite Examples Explorer


    Maybe you should look at the TreePanel Site map sample. Each node contains an URL and the function

    var loadPage = function(tabPanel, node)
        var tab = tabPanel.getItem(;
        if (!tab) 
            tab = tabPanel.add(
                title: node.text,
                closable: true,                    
                autoLoad: {
                    showMask: true,
                    url: node.attributes.href,
                    mode: 'iframe',
                    maskMsg: 'Loading ' + node.attributes.href + '...'
    open a new panel with the content of the node.attributes.href;

    Best regards Bernard J.

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    RE: Coolite Examples Explorer

    The sample explorer is built like this (I assume)

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    RE: Coolite Examples Explorer

    FYI, the full source for the Examples Explorer will be released with the public release of the Coolite Toolkit v0.8.

    I'll post another update once everything is available to download. 

    Geoffrey McGill
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    RE: Coolite Examples Explorer

    When the Coolite Toolkit v0.8 released?
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    RE: Coolite Examples Explorer

    They're looking great. Lots of new features. Can't wait for the release...
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