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Firefox Ajax limit of 4096?

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    Firefox Ajax limit of 4096?

    Hi Everyone,

    Perhaps this is something easy, but I haven't been able to find an answer yet. My site is looking good with IE, however, in Firefox, when I make some simple Ajax Web Service calls for some HTML content, they are successful but limited to 4096 characters...whereas IE is unaffected. FF truncates my content to 4096. When I look at Firebug, it appears as though the full text/html content is coming back to the client, so maybe it's the coolite method "selectValue"?

    function onUpdateNewsFeedsSuccess(result)
    var strResult=Ext.DomQuery.selectValue("string", result, "");
    if (strResult!=""){
    var elem;
    if (strResult.indexOf("|~|")!=-1)
    var resultParts = strResult.split("|~|");
    var sentMode = resultParts[0];
    var content = resultParts[1];
    if (sentMode.toUpperCase()==activeMode.toUpperCase())
    var newsFeedsPanel = Ext.getCmp("ctl00_MainContentPlaceHolder_NewsFeedsTab");
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    RE: Firefox Ajax limit of 4096?

    Yeah, it seems like a bug with


    Firefox and IE seem to return different xml structures, so when you call the selectValue method to retreive the text/xml content, it must not be retrieving the correct node item from the XML document. This is just a guess for now until someone from the coolite team confirms...

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    RE: Firefox Ajax limit of 4096?

    I created a JS function to handle the "result" from the web service ajax call...which works in both FF and IE...

    just call that instead of...

    var strResult=Ext.DomQuery.selectValue("string", result, "");
    function getWebSvcString(result)
    var strResult="";
    var stringElement = result.getElementsByTagName("string")[0];
    if (stringElement.text!=null && stringElement!=undefined){
    // alert("IE: "+strResult.length);
    else if (stringElement.textContent!=null && stringElement.textContent!=undefined)
    // alert("FF: "+strResult.length);
    return strResult;

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