Adding shortcuts on desktop

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    Adding shortcuts on desktop

    Hello, i'm with some troubles with the shurtcuts.

    I put the shortcuts like the coolite examples.

    My code
    <ext:Desktop ID="Desktop" runat="server" Wallpaper="../../img/wallpapers/walp1.jpg">
                <StartButton Text="Iniciar" />
                    <ext:DesktopModule ModuleID="DesktopModule1" WindowID="winGerUsuario" AutoRun="false">
                        <Launcher ID="LauncherAnotacoes" runat="server" Text="Anotações" Icon="Anchor" />
                    <ext:DesktopShortcut ShortcutID="shortCutAtividade" IconCls="icone-anotacoes" Text="Anotações2"
                        ModuleID="DesktopModule1" AutoDataBind="true" />
    But the shortcut doesnt appear, how can i fix it?
    i'm using coolite 0.8.2.

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    RE: Adding shortcuts on desktop

    does someone knows how to do this?

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