Save in database

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    Save in database

    I'm working with LINQ to Entities and I created a window like similar to the example

    <DIV id=result_box dir=ltr style="TEXT-ALIGN: left">But when I click the Save button, I haven't achived managed to obtain data from the fields of the screen to the method(save) in part .cs , that is, comes with NULL values for the method and save null in database.
    What can I do to save properly in database?

    Thanks for attention!
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    RE: Save in database


    The example doesn't save any data on server. It just put changed to grid. You need to add saving logic (like in other examples which you can find in Examples Explorer).

    There is another same example with saving (

    Also you can post your example and we will try to resolve what's wrong.

    Vladimir Shcheglov
    Sr. Developer
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    RE: Save in database

    Ok... you can pass your e-mail?
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    RE: Save in database

    Hi flaviodamaia,

    Community Help/Support is only provided in the forums. Premium Members are welcome to email support [at] coolite [dot] com if technical support is required and they would rather not post private project information/code in the forums.

    Hope this helps.

    Geoffrey McGill
    Founder & CEO
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    RE: Save in database

    I'm using LINQ to Entities... and I have a problem to pass the values of the window for the Save method at the ascx.cs.
    Where is going with null values for method Save. What I do?

    This is my method save in ascx.cs:
    protected void btn_salvar_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        if ((this.ctgDescription.Text != "")&amp;&amp;(this.ctgDescription.Text != null))
            using (DMGDocEntitie context = new DMGDocEntitie())
                Category ctg = new Category();
                ctg.ctgDescription = this.ctgDescription.Text;
                CategoryRN.add(ctg); //Get values and save in database.
                this.ctgDescription.Text = "";
                    Response.Write("<script>alert('Saving Error!');</script>");
    Please a need help!!!

    Thanks for attention!

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