Hi All,

I have a FileUploadField inside a GridPanel.
I want to get the full name from javascript or using listeners or AjaxMethod.

Its working fine in IE 7 i am getting the full Path by using the code, but not getting full path name in Mozilla or google chrome using the code below , there " (#{fileAttachment}.getValue())" give me the full path name in IE but not in mozilla or chrome..

I mean if in IE its give me the path like.. "C:\\UploadedFile\Files\MyuploadFile.jpg"
but in Mozilla or chrome its give me only " MyuploadFile.jpg".

My FileUploadField is inside the Gridpanel , so i donot know how to use .. "fileAttachment.FileName" or "fileAttachment.PostedFile.FileName".
   <ext:Column DataIndex="FILENAME" Header="Add Attachment" Width="140px">


                        <ext:FileUploadField runat="server" ID="fileAttachment"  ButtonOnly="true" ButtonText="Add File"



                                <FileSelected Handler="#{AjaxMethods}.GetFileName(#{fileAttachment}.getValue());" />






public void GetFileName(string strValue)
           // its work in IE but not work in Mozilla.
            int _intIndex = strValue.LastIndexOf('\\');
            string strFileName = strValue.Substring(_intIndex+1);
Can you please help me to get the full file path (like C:\\UploadedFile\Files\MyuploadFile.jpg instead of just "MyuploadFile.jpg) on client side.

Thanks and Regards
Kunal Mehata.