Problem with ext:TextArea

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    Problem with ext:TextArea


    I'm using an ext:TextArea........the code is:

    <ext:TextArea ID="txtAta" AutoEl="={{tag:'textarea',wrap: 'on'}}" Height="100" runat="server" MaxLength="8000" FieldLabel="Ata" MsgTarget="Side" AllowBlank="false" BlankText="Campo obrigatório" LabelCls="lbl60"  Cls="txt250" />
    when I try to get the value of this textArea in the's comming empty! why? It just happens when I put the AutoEl (but I need to put it)

    please, help me

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    RE: Problem with ext:TextArea


    If you're using AutoEl, you'll also need to pass the 'name' attribute with the .ClientID of the TextArea.


    AutoEl="={{tag:'textarea',wrap: 'on',name:'txtAta'}}"

    In the upcoming v1.0 release, you will not have to pass the 'name' attribute.
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    Geoffrey McGill
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    RE: Problem with ext:TextArea

    Hi Geoffrey,

    thanks, it worked perfectly!

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