[CLOSED] CheckBoxSelection model

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    [CLOSED] CheckBoxSelection model

    Is there a way to select a range of checkboxes? If you were to select the first record, then shift-select another one later in the grid, all checkboxes between the first and last inclusive would be selected?
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    RE: [CLOSED] CheckBoxSelection model

    In v1.0 there's the new <ext:MultiCombo> which come close, see /Form/ComboBox/MultiCombo/ in the Examples Explorer project.

    Geoffrey McGill
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    RE: [CLOSED] CheckBoxSelection model

    I have a grid with checkboxes (checkboxselectionmodel). I need all the fields in the grid to display. The user will select &amp; deselect some of the checkboxes. They will want to select groups of them - say all of type A with a specific date in one of the fields. They will need to select multiple ranges. Is there a way for them to select a range of rows at once?
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    RE: [CLOSED] CheckBoxSelection model


    Do you want the same behaviour like RowSelectionModel?

    We added KeepSelectionOnClick property to the CheckboxSelectionModel. If you want to have ability to check range selection with Shift key then set KeepSelection&#111;nclick="WithCtrlKey" (please note that in this mode the selection model keep selection with ctrl key only, it is mean that CheckBox selection model totally repeat RowSelectionModel)

    Please update from SVN

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