[CLOSED] Item Count for Store - Server Side

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    [CLOSED] Item Count for Store - Server Side

    What is the most efficient way to get the item count of a store on the server side. Don't want have to bind if the Products store is already loaded. Is there anyway to cast the Store to a DataTable to get item count.

    protected void BindProductsGrid()
        //Want to see what the item count is before binding
        this.Product.DataSource = Quote.QuoteUtil.GetProductsForPRP();
    <ext:Store ID="Product" runat="server" ShowWarningOnFailure="false"
            <ext:JsonReader ReaderID="atnProductVersionId">
                    <ext:RecordField Name="atnProductVersionId" Type="Int" />
                    <ext:RecordField Name="strProductVersionNumber" Type="String" />
                    <ext:RecordField Name="strProductName" Type="String" />
                    <ext:RecordField Name="strProductSize" Type="String" />
                    <ext:RecordField Name="strProductType" Type="String" />
                    <ext:RecordField Name="strProductVersionMessages" Type="String" />
                    <ext:RecordField Name="strProductVersionBackOrderMessage" Type="String" />
                    <ext:RecordField Name="bitHideBackProductVersion" Type="Boolean" />
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    RE: [CLOSED] Item Count for Store - Server Side


    You have to pass store's count from client side. For example with ExtraParams of the AjaxEvent (or BaseParams of the Store)
    To get store's count use the following js code


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