[0.8.2] RowSelectionPaging plugin

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    [0.8.2] RowSelectionPaging plugin


    I need help adding this plugin to ext js.


    The reason is that I need on client side to get the count of selected rows using paging.

    Using getCount() from CheckboxSelectionModel only returns the selection from the current page :/

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    RE: [0.8.2] RowSelectionPaging plugin


    You should not require that plugin. If you set ReaderID for the Store then grud automatically save selection across grid's pages https://examples1.ext.net/#/GridPanel/Plugins/Selection_Memory/

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    RE: [0.8.2] RowSelectionPaging plugin

    Hi, Vladsch!

    I use the reader if to save the selection accross pages, and it works beautifully.

    My problem is getting the total selected rows using paging.

    getCount only returns the count selection for the current page.

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    RE: [0.8.2] RowSelectionPaging plugin


    var count = 0;
    for (var id in GridPanel1.selectedIds) {
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    RE: [0.8.2] RowSelectionPaging plugin

    Thanks, it works fine

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