Design problem with multiple GridPanels

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    Design problem with multiple GridPanels

    Hi Support:

    This is AHA-Computer, Technical Support Engineer, Johnson.
    Hope you are well.
    AHA-Computer help user order Ext.NET Pro with 1 year of Premium support about 2023/5/5.

    User's information:

    Company name: Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan
    Contract Name: LIOU,ZE-SIAN
    Contract Mail:

    Product Description & Version: Ext.NET Pro V7.3
    Developers: 2

    Question Description/User's request:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Q3. Please see the picture above.
    On the left is the GridPanel design of authorized groups, and on the right should be designed unauthorized groups.
    After pulling the right side to the left side, I need to refresh the two GridPanel data at the same time, but because I can only refresh one the GridPanel, so the right side will be designed as all groups.
    No matter how I pull it, it will only refresh the left GridPanel, and the right side will not change.

    At present, only Refresh GridPanel can be used, but there may be multiple GridPanel designs in practical applications, and more GridPanels need to be refreshed at the same time.
    Could Support improved it in the future?

    Thank you for your support very much.
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    Are you asking if refreshing the GridPanel data is possible for two GridPanels?

    From what I understand, you would like to refresh both GridPanels simultaneously after moving items from the right GridPanel (unauthorized groups) to the left one (authorized groups).

    Can you provide a simplified code sample demonstrating how you currently have the GridPanels configured and how you are currently updating the data?
    Geoffrey McGill
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    Hi Geoffrey

    Really tks for your reply, first.

    I already forward your info & demand to user, waiting their feedback.
    If any update, I will let you know.

    Thank you very much again.

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