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    Multi level menu

    I have a menu with multi levels. To achieve that I am using the below code.But, I am getting the error at second level <Menu> Also there is no example in the Ext.Net 7.0.
    <ext-section target="Main">
                    <ext-menuItem text="Download" />
                    <ext-menuItem text="Pricing" />
                    <ext-menuItem text="Support">
                                    <ext-menuItem text="Examples Explorer" />
                                    <ext-menuItem text="Forums" />
                                    <ext-menuItem text="Docs" />
                                    <ext-menuItem text="FAQ" />
                                    <ext-menuItem text="GitHub Issues" />
                                                <ext-menuItem text="Examples Explorer1" />
                                                <ext-menuItem text="Forums1" />
                                                <ext-menuItem text="Docs1" />
                                    <ext-menuSeparator />
                                    <ext-menuItem text="Legacy WebForms Examples" />
                                    <ext-menuItem text="Legacy MVC Examples" />
                                    <ext-menuSeparator />
                                    <ext-menuItem text="Identity Guidelines" />
                                    <ext-menuItem text="Contact" />
                    <ext-menuItem text="Blog" />
                    <ext-menuItem text="Themes" />
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    Hello, @Fahd!

    You have the ext-menuItem tag self-closing at line 16.

    Hope this helps!

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