I'm migrating a 4.8 project to 7.3
I can't find any example of an <ext-dataView> or similar.
I need to render a dynamic number of custom box which were rendered inside a <tpl> in 4.8.

I used an <ext:DataView> bound to a Store, which contained a <tpl for=".">

Now I'm trying to migrate this and what I have now is:

<ext-store data="Model.Groups" id="store1">
            <ext-dataField name="Title"></ext-dataField>
            <ext-dataField name="Name"></ext-dataField>
            <ext-dataField name="Items" type="Object"></ext-dataField>
The problem is: what should I write inside tpl or, is tpl the right choice with 7.2?
It seems that 7.2 only accepts an ext-xtemplate which only accepts <customConfig> and I am not familiar with that stuff.

Can anybody please give me a hint?

Thanks a lot.