[OPEN] [#1869] Responsive Example

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    [OPEN] [#1869] Responsive Example


    is it possible to have a responsive example for ext.net 7.2 ?
    I search in examples but responsive example does not exists.

    Best regards
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    Hello @mtsig!

    Have you tried to base your code off 5.x's corresponding example?
    - Miscellaneous - Responsive - Basic - Ext.NET Examples Explorer 5
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    But how ?

    in the above example the ResponsiveRule property inside responsiveConfig does not exist

    Am i missing something ?

    @page  "{handler?}"
    @model Ext.NET_Classic_Web_Application2.Pages.IndexModel
      ViewData["Title"] = "Home page";
    <ext-section target="Main">
      <ext-panel html="test">
    using Ext.Net;
    using Ext.Net.Core;
    using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc;
    using Microsoft.AspNetCore.Mvc.RazorPages;
    namespace Ext.NET_Classic_Web_Application2.Pages
      public class IndexModel : PageModel
        public void OnGet()
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    Hello again @mtsig!

    I see there's not much that can be reused from our old version, I'm sorry to let you go over the problem before noticing that.

    Here, this should give you a good idea on how to use it to make a tab panel reconfigure according to the window width/height:

    @page  "{handler?}"
    @model Ext.NET_Classic_Web_Application2.Pages.IndexModel
      ViewData["Title"] = "Home page";
      Layout = null;
    <!DOCTYPE html>
            Responsive layout - Ext.NET Examples
        <ext-viewport layout="Fit">
                <ext-tabPanel title="My Tab Panel">
                        <ext-bar width="110" />
                        <ext-responsivePlugin />
                        <ext-add key="tabRotation" value="0" mode="Raw" />
                        <ext-add key="responsiveConfig">
                            <ext-add key="wide">
                                <ext-add key="tabPosition" value="left" />
                            <ext-add key="tall">
                                <ext-add key="tabPosition" value="top" />
                        <ext-panel title="Tab 1" html="tab 1 contents" />
                        <ext-panel title="Tab 2" html="tab 2 contents" />
                        <ext-panel title="Tab 3" html="tab 3 contents" />
                        <ext-panel title="Tab 4" html="tab 4 contents" />
    Notwithstanding we've logged issue #1869 to track this defect and will post a follow-up here as soon as we have a more polished syntax support in Ext.NET 7 for the ResponsiveConfig block!

    Hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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