Tablet with external keyboard (with touchpad)

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    Tablet with external keyboard (with touchpad)


    if i want to use my Tablet (Samsung s6 lite) with external keyboard (with touchpad), then i can't click on a button or Menubutton.

    Only in the Samsung Internet Browser it works.

    In Opera, Edge, Firefox, Chrome it doesn't work.

    I also have problems on this site

    On Ipad with external keyboard it also doesn't work.

    Do you have an Idea?

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    Hello @Gidi!

    Sorry to hear you are having difficulty to use Ext.NET in your tablet with external keyboard!

    Can you provide more specific information on what does not work and where it does not work, and which hardware in specific is involved on the issues?

    Looking forward to your follow-up!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Hi Fabricio,

    i testet it with

    - Samsung S6 Lite Android 10 One UI-Version 2.5 and ITFIT Book Cover Keyboard
    * Browser (Samsung Internet Browser, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Edge)

    - IPad Pro 12'9 and Apple Magic Keyboard IOS
    * Browser (Safari)

    If i want to use to Touchpad of the Keyboards (Mouse pointer) and i want to Click on a Button, SelectBox, Menuitem, the Element get the focus (for example Colorchange) but i cant't click on the Element (with click on the Touchpad). It's seems, that the Clickevent would be ignore.

    Only in the Samsung Internet Browser it works!

    If i use the Pen or Touchscreen it works.

    You can test it on this site I can't use the left menu (Button, Chart, Events etc.).

    With Touchscreen, Pen etc. it works fine.

    I hope you understand me.

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    Hello @Gidi!

    This looks like a problem where the device registers a different event than Ext.NET is expecting when a touch/click/tap happens. And it seems the Samsung browser unified the events to avoid this kind of issue where the other browsers prefer to treat them in specific ways.

    You said you have issues using the left menu in the website. Can you do a test to as well?

    Are you unable to expand the examples categories, or can you expand them but when clicking they do not load in the right pane? We are checking whether we can emulate this hardware to see how should we map the events to fix it.

    This issue look very similar to this one in Sencha forums from 2017 (which was fixed): Examples don't work in Firefox 52 + touchscreen.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    i tested with Chrome/Firefox etc. it's the same problem.

    I'm unable to expand the examples categorie with touchpad.

    If i try the button examples, there i can't click on the button.

    But if i click on the textbox, the focus is ok an i can write (Touch Keyboard or Hardware Keyboard).

    I also can't use the calendar etc.

    Only with the Samsung Internet Browser it work's.

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    Hello Fabricio,

    i tested and .

    This works fine with firefox. . . .

    doesn't works.

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    Hello again, Gidi!

    Thanks for the additional info on where you can reproduce the issue, it really suggests the touchpad emits a specific event for clicks/taps/touch from the touch pad and that event was not foreseen by Ext.NET since version 3. Previous versions probably just used a less specific event handling that most likely had their issues with mobile devices, which led Sencha to decide towards new event handling system in their Ext JS 5 framework.

    In fact, if you look at the release article for Ext JS 5.0.0 (which is Ext.NET 3), there are clear mentions to specific support for tablets. This definitively added specific handling for such devices that ultimately incurred in further issues as they enabled other functionality from these devices. See What's new in 5.0.0 article at Sencha Docs.

    Unfortunately we don't have a solution for this yet, we need to investigate it further.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Hello Gidi!

    While browsing for an issue related to this in our bugs tracker, I found this issue we have logged some time ago: #1445

    It is a problem inherent from Ext JS (the Ext.NET's underlying framework) and still has not been fixed by Sencha, unfortunately. It seems demand to support that scenario may be low and/or the complexity to support it is preventing the fix; they then end up prioritizing other issues.

    My guess here is, when the tablet has that keyboard, it is identified by Ext JS (our underlying framework) as a touch device as it would without it, and for some design reason the framework won't interoperate when both "interaction paradigms" are active at once.
    So the solution would be to support both and, that would probably break some dynamic interaction with the components.

    Unfortunately, this means we don't have a quick solution for you. Please subscribe to the forum thread related to the initial report (Strange issue with Firefox 52 (UI freezes on some PCs also on Ext.Net examples...)) -- or the GitHub issue itself if you got a GitHub account -- so you receive an update when we have news about that issue. We may just overlook this thread when the issue is solved and we post feedback to the related thread.

    I will mention this thread in the issue, nevertheless.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Hi Fabrício,

    thanks for you reply.

    But what is the different to the Samsung Internet Browser?

    On this browser it works all fine.

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    Hello Gidi!

    Sorry for the delay replying your inquire! We can't tell for sure what's the difference but it just looks like the samsung browser "flattens" the touch/click/tap events such that Ext.NET knows they happen. I suspect the samsung browser is a fork of Chromium (thus google Chrome) with quality of life improvements; I'd say this interaction behavior for sure is counts as one.

    Although Samsung browser can probably be used in other Android devices, I don't think they have and support a iOS version (for Apple mobile devices).
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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