I am using the tagfield component on my project to select a list of countries and save them on my database.

    .Listeners(l => {
          l.BeforeSelect.Fn = "onCountriesSelect"; // Currently, this function does nothing
          l.BeforeDeselect.Fn = "onCountriesDeselect"; // Currently, this function does nothing
    .EmptyText("Select at least one country")
    .Items(ViewBag.Countries as string[]) // All the countries 
    .SelectedItems(ViewBag.SelectedCountries as string[]) // All the selected countries

However, I have noticed the following behaviour whenever I select a new country:
  1. If I select it with the keyboard, everything works as expected and the new country is added to the selected items.
  2. If I type something to filter my list of countries and then select it with the mouse, then the tagfield behaves in a strange way and only saves the last country that I selected, erasing all the other previously selected countries. Note: I've noticed that this happens only if I type something to filter my list of countries.

For example:

If my tagfield already has "Spain" in the selected items, and I select a new country "France" and check for the values with App.CountriesField.getValue():
  1. In the first case, it will return ["Spain", "France"].
  2. In the second case, it will return only ["France"].

I found that the behaviour described on my second point also happens on the first example you provide in https://examples5.ext.net/Examples/F...=1575504000440.

In addition, as I was checking for a possible solution, I've added two new listeners for the following events: "BeforeSelect" and "BeforeDeselect" to check what my values were. However, whenever I select a new country, both this events are fired multiple times. I wonder if these two issues could be related at all. For the second problem, I know there is already an open thread https://forums.ext.net/showthread.php?57551. For the first one, I've found nothing.

Is there any solution or a work around for these two problems?