v1.7 example "Window_Basic/Hello_World" ---> Unexpected token '<'

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    v1.7 example "Window_Basic/Hello_World" ---> Unexpected token '<'


    (It's a problem that only runs when the DNS site is proxied by Cloudflare). In this case:

    Does somebody Knows why the v1.7 example "Window_Basic/Hello_World" (Source Code: https://examples1.ext.net/#/Window/Basic/Hello_World/ ) shows a:

    Status Code: 200
    Status Text: BADRESPONSE: Unespected token '<'

    when you pulse "Show Window(Server Event)" button?

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    Hello, carman, and welcome to Ext.NET Forums!

    I am afraid Ext.NET 1 is a little too old to deal with that. I fact, I can't really tell for sure other versions would. The proxy is probably tampering with the server response that shouldn't be cached at all, as it needs fresh data to be accurate in most cases. This would require either disabling the custom headers/content returned by the proxy or adjust the handler to correctly interpret the response.

    For what you shown it seems instead of returning the actual response, it is returning some kind of HTML, which I believe no version of Ext.NET or even other libraries would just be able to handle. You should either ensure your proxy won't cache server requests (and you may need to manually add request headers or arguments) or disable caching for Ext.NET dynamic requests via an exclusion in the proxy rules. Wouldn't it be bad if you tried to refresh a grid and only data from two days ago returned, and you just changed some data it should display?

    Hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Hi. Tx for your response.

    We've checked ext.net 3 and there is not problem with it. It can be a problem of 1.7... yes, a bit old. We are now working with cloudflare to get a solution o perhaps, upgrade our ext.net to a more recent version.

    Thank you.

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