Adding select all header to Grid BooleanColumn

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    Adding select all header to Grid BooleanColumn

    This is how I add BooleanColumn column to my Grid by using this example.

    <ext:BooleanColumn runat="server" DataIndex="myField" Text="" Editable="true" Resizable="false"
                                    MenuDisabled="true" MaxWidth="50">
                                        <ext:ConfigItem Name="onTitleElClick" Value="onTitleElClick" Mode="Raw" />
                                        <div id="{id}-titleEl" {tipMarkup}class="x-column-header-inner">
                                        <div style="display:inline; float:left;">
                                            <div class="x-grid-checkheader" style="width:22px;">&nbsp;</div>
                                        <span id="{id}-textEl" class="x-column-header-text {childElCls}">                                        
                                        <tpl if="!menuDisabled">
                                            <div id="{id}-triggerEl" class="x-column-header-trigger {childElCls}"></div>
                                        <AfterRender Fn="initClickOnHeader" />

    function initClickOnHeader(column) {
                column.el.on("click", function (e, t) {
                    var me = this,
                        grid = this.up('tablepanel'),
                        store = grid.getStore(),
                        div =;
                    me.checked = !me.checked;
                    div[me.checked ? "addCls" : "removeCls"]("x-grid-checkheader-checked");
                    store.each(function (record) {
                        record.set(me.dataIndex, me.checked);
                    store.fireEvent("refresh", store);
                    return false;
                }, column, { delegate: ".x-grid-checkheader" })
    But problem is , it's showing just "True/False" text in grid column. How can I show checkbox instead of "True/False" text ?
    And this checkbox should also editable.
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