Ext.Net.Mobile to Ext.Net.Modern feature requests

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    Ext.Net.Mobile to Ext.Net.Modern feature requests

    Hi all,

    Will you please consider these 2 subjects while developing the Ext.Net.Modern

    1. creating a common class structure for classic and mobile components
    2. using both classic and modern toolkits in same asp.net core project, maybe in different areas

    we would like to have it but it didn't on Ext.Net.Mobile. while you just completely re-engineered can we get these on Asp.Net Core

    Inherit or Extend Ext.Net & Ext.Net.Mobile together, Namespace problem

    EXT.NET and EXT.NET Mobile together

    Ext.Net & Ext.Net.Mobile in same project, ItemTag validation (_tkn_1): Reference token (ext.net.global.icons) was not found
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    Yes, I believe this should theoretically be possible since both Ext.Net.Classic and Ext.Net.Modern assemblies will have a dependency on the Ext.Net.Core package. I don't think is any way to use both libs on the same page/view, but within the same project should theoretically be possible. I think.

    Thanks for the sharing this feature request.
    Geoffrey McGill

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