see a simple textfield for SSN entry. Note the nice REGEX we use that just allows numbers. try to type in "111-22-3333" and it only accepts the numbers. Fantastic!!

Now type "111-22-3333" in notepad. Copy it and paste it into the textfield. it is pasted WITH the dashes and no validation occurs and it is allowed. yikes!

seems like regex validation is not applied to pasting.


<ext:TextField ID="TextFieldSocialSecurityNumber" runat="server" MaxLength="9" LabelStyle="font-weight:bold;" FieldLabel="Social Security Number" DataIndex="socialSecurityNumber" Text="" IndicatorText="*" IndicatorCls="red-text" AllowBlank="false" PaddingSpec="3 10 0 10" MaskRe="[0-9.]/" Note="Numbers only (no dashes or spaces)" />