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    Hide Window Header

    Hi Sir,

    Good Morning..

    I don't want show the header of the shortcut window or any window based on some condition and tried to set the "header is false" in Ext.Net example it self and same issue Im facing in my application as well.

    Below code is Ext.Net Example

     <ext:DesktopModule ModuleID="notepad">
                        <Shortcut Name="Notepad" IconCls="x-notepad-shortcut" SortIndex="2" />
                       <%-- <Launcher Text="Notepad" Icon="ApplicationForm" />--%>
                            <ext:Window runat="server"
                                        Text="Some <b>rich</b> <font color='red'>text</font> goes <u>here</u><br>Give it a try!" />
    Attached error in screenshot when I tried to open the window through notepad shortcut.

    Is there any option to hide the complete header in window.

    Thank you,
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    Could you please reply on this.

    Thank you,
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    Hello Vamsi!

    Please give us up to 1 business day to reply your inquiries. We will do our best to reply in less time than that, but sometimes investigation on the issue demands extra time to give you a better answer, or we simply are not around by the time the question is made.

    Back to topic, you should disable some window functionalities if you want to disable the header as well. It would be smart if Ext JS just realized it by itself, but it seems the initial design favored less tests against an unlikely scenario (window without header) probably to have an improved performance, or simply because they can be disabled elsewhere.

    These are some features you should disable along with Header="false":

    At first, the only required is Maximizable="false" but all the others being explicitly specified will likely save you the risk of having script errors later on.

    Hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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