Custom image for shortcuts

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    Custom image for shortcuts

    Hi Sir,

    I have provided custom image for shortcuts in desktop control but its not fit as expected. only if we give 48*48 size then it will display as expected along with shortcut text.

    I'm expecting any size of image needs to fit and here is the screenshot for quick refernce.

    Thank you,
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    Waiting for your reply..
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    Hello Sir,

    Why you guys are taking this much time..I'm not seeing there was any advantage for premium member.

    Waiting for your reply..

    Thank you,
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    We have asked many many times for you to provide a simplified sample demonstrating how to reproduce the issue and we have asked that you follow the forum guidelines, but for some reason you just seem to ignore our requests.

    Unfortunately, we just don't have time to chase these requests, so we're just moving your threads to the Community Help forums and other community members can hopefully provide some assistance.

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