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Hi to all

Store link to SQL database. Actual field number is very less, I have no idea why so wide. How can I remove the slider?
Thank you.

  <ext:ComboBox  ID="Com_CName"  runat="server"   EmptyText="请选择姓名"  TypeAhead="true" ForceSelection="true" Width="280"  
                            DisplayField="C_Name"    ValueField="C_Name"   MinChars="1"   MatchFieldWidth="true"  FieldLabel="姓名" Note="" >
                                <ext:Store ID="Store_Com_CName" runat="server" >
                                        <ext:Model ID="Model3" runat="server">
                                                <ext:ModelField Name="C_Name" />                           
                            <ListConfig Width="250" Height="300" ItemSelector=".x-boundlist-item" >
                            <Tpl ID="Tpl1" runat="server">
                             <tpl for=".">
                              <tpl if="[xindex] == 1">
                               <table class="cbStates-list">
                              <tr class="x-boundlist-item">
                              <tpl if="[xcount-xindex]==0">
                                <ext:FieldTrigger Icon="Clear" Qtip="Remove selected" />
                                <BeforeQuery Handler="this.getTrigger(0)[this.getRawValue().toString().length == 0 ? 'hide' : 'show']();" />
                                <TriggerClick Handler="if (index == 0) { 
                                                       }" />
                                <Select Handler="this.getTrigger(0).show();" />