Grid Filters Plugin deletes the last written letter

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    Grid Filters Plugin deletes the last written letter

    EXT.NET v4.8.2

    The bug/inconvinience happens when the user types in the filter and stops for a little and then types another letter.
    The new letter is "deleted" when the store is refreshed, because it just applied the old data.

    The time window for this bug is small - happens exactly when the filter is being applied.

    Is there a way to configure a slightly bigger delay on the speed at which the grid filters are applied?
    Or a way to reapply them on the added letter?
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    Hello @Phoenix!

    I tried some times to reproduce the behavior you expained in the link you provided (which points to Ext.NET 5 examples explorer at this time).

    Do you need an specific browser? Maybe you can expand the example to make it easier to reproduce the issue (maybe adding a delay in the store load?). But as not being sure how to reproduce the issue I can't tell where a delay could help avoid the issue as you suggest.

    I believe a simple extension or override in the grid filters, or grid store (it's all up to being able to reproduce the issue), but pretty sure we won't be able to use existing settings for the delay.

    If you can elaborate on a way to deterministically reproduce the issue, let us know. I couldn't have the last search character be erased while searching, changing searches, briefly pausing before an additional character is entered... in many attempts.

    Looking forward to your follow-up!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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