Filter icon is not removed after clearing filter in GridPanel

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    Filter icon is not removed after clearing filter in GridPanel


    we are using a filter in our grid panel, but after clearing the filter, the filter icon is not removed.

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    This is our clear filter function:

        var clearFilter = function()
            //var gridFilterHeader = %= GridPanelFilterHeader.ClientID %>;
            var store = <%=stoow_CheckPoint_Ablesedaten.ClientID %>;
            var gridfilter = <%=GridFilters1.ClientID %>

    How can we remove the filter icon when clearing the filter?

    Arthur Linhart
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    Hello Arthur!

    You can clear filters straight in the store, as you're doing, but the store can't tell what uses it. In fact, a single store can be shared among different components, and "copies" of the stores can be created when a same store shares data and not filters/ordering.

    In your case, you just should follow the same path you set the filters to undo them: from the grid. The grid filters plug in exposes some facilities to allow this programmatically and an example doing exactly what you want is this:
    - GridPanel > Plugins > GridFilters_Local

    Hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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