ASP.NET - Ext.Net 3.3 and Chrome 83.x issues

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    ASP.NET - Ext.Net 3.3 and Chrome 83.x issues

    Hello, we faced some compatibility problems with the last Chrome update (currently 83.0.4103.61) that render our pages unusable. So far we found these problems:
    - Grids with Buffered="true" doesn't load. When you call a sore.reload() the AJAX call does not start, so the grid remains in the "loading" stat forever.
    - Both ext:FileUpload and asp:FlieUpload causes the same problem as before with non-buffered grids. Not always: some pages works correctly with FileUpload and Grid, some not. If you use <input> instead FileUpload, the problem doesn't occurs.

    That's all we found so far.

    Do you have any solution for these problems?

    Thank you
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    Hello @John_Writers!

    Unfortunately Ext.NET 3.x has reached end of life and won't be getting further updates. You should upgrade to latest if you want to be able to keep upgrading web browsers and have them compatible with Ext.NET.

    Anyway, I have loaded examples explorer for Ext.NET 3 and couldn't notice any issue with buffered grids or grids in general, so that really looks like there may be an issue caused as a side effect of some custom code you might have in your project. Checked with 83.0.4103.61 (Official Build) (64-bit).

    But I didn't sweep every example looking for the issue, if you find one failing for you, let us know. If it is also reproducible in Ext.NET 5 (or upcoming 7), chances are you can get an override for it, but we can no longer offer guarantees old Ext.NET versions are going to work with modern browsers.

    Hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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