Desktop window when data loads to content region

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    Desktop window when data loads to content region


    Open the Desktop control in example page.

    Once login to page we will see list of shortcuts then click on what's new shortcut and it will open window then close the window and again try to reopen the same (what's new) window we will get blank page(some issues)..Mainly issue with content region..Can you please look in to this. Image attached for your reference.
    <%@ Control Language="C#" %>
    <ext:DesktopModuleProxy runat="server">
        <Module ModuleID="whatsnew-win" AutoDataBind="true">
            <Shortcut Name="What's new" SortIndex="100" />
                <ext:Window runat="server"
                                Dynamic modules (attach/deattach modules from server side without page reloading)
                                Modules can be defined in the user control now
                                Shortcuts multi selection (including drag selection)
                                Shortcuts drag&amp;drop (multiple shortcuts dragging is supported)
                                Shortcut and desktop context menu
                                Quick lanch and tray
    Thank you,
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