Delay AjaxProxy firing

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    Delay AjaxProxy firing

    First, hi again!

    I'm using an AjaxProxy to search a ComboBox's input and display results. When I use client side listeners, using the Buffer property of the Change listener to control firing of the remote call. In current case there is no local listener I'm using. Below is the code part for AjaxProxy definition of the ComboBox's Store. How can I tell this Proxy to fire let's say if the last user search keyword input was 1 seconds or so. (similar to the Change event listener buffer)


                Proxy.Add(new AjaxProxy()
                    Url         = new UrlHelper(HttpContext.Current.Request.RequestContext).Action(controllerMethod, "Home"),
                    Reader      = { new JsonReader() { Root = "data", } },
                    ActionMethods = { Read = HttpMethod.POST },                    
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    QueryDelay property of ComboBox is what I needed. For whom that may need it...
    Please close if you wish.

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