V1.7 Source Code

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    V1.7 Source Code

    Hi I have a Ext.net license up to v3. Is there a place where I can download v1.7 source code. Thanks
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    Hi @Richardt. The Ext.NET source code is no longer available.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    Hi Geoffrey

    Is the CSS file available as I need to create a custom css for a client
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    All releases are available in the Ext.NET download Archive:


    If you run a project with Ext.NET installed, the css files are included as Embedded Resources within the Assembly, and then delivered to the browser. You can view the source of one of those Ext.NET pages and copy the css into a new file.

    Here's the main Ext JS css file from https://examples1.ext.net:


    Hope this helps.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    Thanks it will help

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