I have a tree panel that was working fine in EXT 2.5. We are migrating to EXT 5 and the tree fails to display. As far as I know, the only significant change we made is that one of the other devs changed the JavaScript function called by JsonReader to use:

return this.readRecords(response.responseJson);
(instead of responseText)

This is the Json returned from our C# controller:

"[{"id":"_48J0G5DUC","leaf":true,"expanded":true,"iconCls":X.net.RM.getIcon("ApplicationForm"),"text":"INT-351660-05             - *012215_04,PCA,SCL,SURGEON CONSOLE LEAF      ","assembly":"INT-351660-05","rev":"A","qty":1.00,"demand":0,"description":"*012215_04,PCA,SCL,SURGEON CONSOLE LEAF"}]"

It is called in the JavaScript like this:

function getJsonResponseData(response) {
       var tree = Ext.getCmp('WhereIsUsedTree');
        var myResponse = "";
        try {
             return this.readRecords(response.responseJson);...
However, while this worked perfectly in EXT 2.5 with responseText, it fails to display anything in EXT 5.

Any help greatly appreciated!