Ask about example (picture or source code) about layout properties in Field Container

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    Ask about example (picture or source code) about layout properties in Field Container

    Hi everyone, Now I'm looking for some examples (picture or source code) about layout properties in Field Container but I can't see any docs about that. Please give me some links for this. I have tried to use VBoxLayout, HboxLayout but I see there are 10 layouts with that. Please help me. Many thanks!
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    Hi. Maybe the following question and my response could help with your scenario:

    We have the following FieldContainer sample in the Examples Explorer:

    We can help further investigate if you could provide a sample or mockup demonstrating your requirements.

    Hope this helps.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    Thank you for your response.

    Sorry for the weekend i have seen your answer but i don't respond for you :D so that seems I have to learn a lot about ext js if I want to develop my project. Next time I will have a lot of difficulties so hope I can figure out it all with By the way, could you tell me that my problem is my project using version 2.1 Commnunity so now i just want to develop my project and my concerns: Is there have problems I meet when I keep developing with this version? Becuase i see the version doesn't support at the moment right? What does this mean "Not support?"? Always wait for your response !
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    Ext.NET 2.x is no longer being updated, so no bug fixes or new releases.

    We will try to provide technical support when we can. If you have a specific technical support question and a code sample demonstrating how to reproduce the problem, we will try our best to investigate.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    Many thanks and Merry christmas Sir !

    I will do that. I hope I can handle all.

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