Using TabConfig to rotate tabs

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    Using TabConfig to rotate tabs

    I'm trying to use the TabConfig in TabPnael method to rotate the tabs. The tabs are currently displayed vartically, but I am trying to rotate them to be displayed horizontally. Is there a way to rotate the tabs?
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    Hello @rymac!

    Please take some time to explore the examples in our Examples Explorers. You'll find a lot of different scenarios that can help you on your everyday coding.

    Here's two examples highlighting tabs to the sides of the panel:

    - TabPanel > Basic > Side Tabs, featuring tabs stick to either side in both directions, rotated accordingly.
    - Miscellaneous > Responsive > Basic, featuring styled tabs in top when viewport is taller than wide and to the right, laid like menus, that is, with the text not rotated, just one tab above the other where it is shown in the left of the panel. This may be trickier to identify the right settings, but just keep in mind the set up you may want is when the viewport (responsive rule) is set to "wide" (or not "tall"), that the tabs are shown in the left of the main panel.

    Hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Hi Fabricio,

    I was able to set the tabs to display horizontally simply by adding
    to my TabPanel element. Thank you for your time.

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