[CLOSED] Mvc.Ext.Net Collapsible Panel bug

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    [CLOSED] Mvc.Ext.Net Collapsible Panel bug


    Over a few solutions, I've noticed that there is a bug when using collapsible panels with gridpanels inside them.

    I have a collapsible panel with a panel inside it, and inside that panel is a gridpanel. This gridpanel has a direct event on it, so that when you select something, it displays a panel (that panel is in the center region, if that matters) with specific details relating to what you click on.

    It works fine when you load the page, then click an item within the gridpanel before collapsing and then expanding the panel. If you do that, the call still works (as I can see it in console/ Network) but the center panel (which worked before) no longer appears. Strange.

    The hierarchy is like so:

    - Collapsible Panel
    - Panel
    - Grid Panel

    I believe there is a bug, that when you collapse and then expand a panel with a gridpanel inside it, the contents of another panel will not load (if it's in direct events).

    I have tested this with a button and it works fine (I just passed in example details to the same call), even after expanding it. The issue only seems to arise with gridpanels.

    Please advise!

    I've attached images of the working version and broken version.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Working_Client.PNG 
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Size:	17.4 KB 
ID:	25289

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Broken_Client.PNG 
Views:	43 
Size:	6.2 KB 
ID:	25290
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