ETA for version 5

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    ETA for version 5

    Is there an ETA for version 5.x to be released? My team currently uses EXT.NET 4.x, but are getting a few new programmers over the next couple of weeks. Just trying to see if it is better to buy them 4.x licenses, or to wait and possibly move the entire team onto 5.x. Thanks!
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    Hi. The Ext.NET 5.0.0-preview release is now available, see

    You can also download directly from

    Ext.NET 5.x is the way to go as the release is a drop in replacement for Ext.NET 4.x.

    Hope this helps.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    Ext.NET 5.0 has been released. More details in the blog post announcement.
    Geoffrey McGill

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