[CLOSED] 4.8 (latest) break internet explorer

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    [CLOSED] 4.8 (latest) break internet explorer

    endsWith is not a supported function in old IE. can you fix this please?

    updateIndicator: function () {
            var hideEl,
            if (!this.indicatorEl) {
            if (!this.isIndicatorWasUpdated) {
                this.isIndicatorWasUpdated = true;
            var errorSide = this.msgTarget == "side" && this.hasActiveError(),
                isTopNote = this.noteAlign == "top",
            if (isTopNote) {
                h = this.noteEl.getHeight();
                if (this.labelAlign !== "top") {
                    this.labelEl.setStyle("padding-top", (h + 4) + "px");
                this.indicatorEl.setStyle("top", h + "px");
                if (this.errorEl && this.msgTarget == "side") {
                    this.errorEl.parent().setStyle("padding-top", h + "px");
            parentToIndicator = this.indicatorEl.parent();
            parentIsIndicator = parentToIndicator.id !== undefined && parentToIndicator.id.endsWith('-indicator');
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    sort of critical as it breaks all our IE11 customers.
    here is a function you can use that works in IE 11.
    pls reply as soon as you can.

    var endsWith = function(str, suffix) {
        return str.indexOf(suffix, str.length - suffix.length) !== -1;
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    looks like a defect exists for this already. Can i get a short term solution or a new build please.


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    Hello Zev!

    As you noticed, we already received a report, and fixed, this issue. Please follow this thread with the original report:

    - Login window display issue on IE only (all version 11 - 10 - 9 - 8)

    If you need the fix really fast, you may want to consider building Ext.NET 4.8.2 with the fix.

    For that, you can just cherry-pick commit 9b0449396931146ae5fc0dc2a12ce80684beb28b from our github repository, run the src/Build/BuildScripts/BuildJs.bat script; then rebuild Ext.NET in Release mode.

    This will re-generate the NuGet packages under src/bin/NuGet/ and you can install them by just setting up a local NuGet repository from Visual Studio's NuGet Package Manager interface.

    We already have this fix merged to the 5.0.0 branch since Friday when it was fixed, and we'll release 4.8.3 with this IE11 issue and potentially the other one you reported.

    Alternatively you can avert the issue by wrapping the method (before Ext.NET's init script, you might need a ResourcePlaceHolder to ensure the script is run before including Ext JS resources) with the following javascript code:

    if (!String.prototype.endsWith) {
      String.prototype.endsWith = function(searchString, position) {
         position = position || this.length;
        return this.indexOf(searchString, 0) === (position - searchString.length);
    This would "implement" the method (instead of changing the calls within Ext.NET client-side code), but would be necessary to be added in whatever page it triggers the issue (or maybe in the master page). It won't replace the native implementation on browsers having it.

    Hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    I have alot of trouble with custom build since we are fully integrated with nuget and it would mess up the entire process and cache busting stuff we have.

    Pls do review the second issue and that is is even more critical since it breaks all other browsers also. If you can release both these as 4.8.3, that would be optimal.

    am afraid to upgrade to 5 :) plus i am not licensed for it likely.

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    Okay, Zev, we will work in a next public release you can use with IE11.

    I believe a test with Ext.NET 5 would be worthwhile, you should give it a try. Just bear in mind it is not ready for production yet. We are going to clear up all "obsolete" keys (you should get build warnings if you're using any obsolete component/reference in current v4 builds) and the material theme may be a good addition for your software.

    There are not going to be a lot of breaking changes as the focus from Sencha is at their modern framework (we use their classic framework in Ext.NET). Yet, the plan is to "lift the lock" off several breaking changes we had to revert throughout version 4, that's why it should be worth the while to take a look, sooner than later.

    We will drop messages in our communication channels (twitter, facebook) as soon as we have it released. You'll also be prompted to upgrade NuGet packages once you check for upgrades in Visual Studio. If all runs well, we'll have the release done tomorrow. Just in case we forget to post a follow-up here telling you we launched the hotfix.

    Hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    i need a 4.8.3 release pls with this fix.
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    I went the extends route.

    if (!String.prototype.endsWith) {
        String.prototype.endsWith = function (search, this_len) {
            if (this_len === undefined || this_len > this.length) {
                this_len = this.length;
            return this.substring(this_len - search.length, this_len) === search;
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    Hello @Z!

    Just in case, we have just pushed Ext.NET 4.8.3 package to NuGet. It includes the fix for the Internet Explorer issue, plus a fix to the TabCloseMenu plugin where it was not displaying icons.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Thxs a bunch

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