Hi All,

I am stuck on trying to only allow selection of certain items in a grid with a status of "Approved". I have some of it working by using this:

						<ext:CheckboxSelectionModel runat="server" Mode="Multi">
								<BeforeSelect Fn="function(grid, record, index, eOpts) {
							           if (record.get('Status') == 'Approved') {
							                return false;
This works by only allowing me to select items with Approved status. However, the Header checkbox doesn't work properly and only selects all items, but doesn't deselect items, and the Header checkbox is also not showing as selected, it is always unselected. Is there a way I can get the boolean variable of true, if the header checkbox is selected and manually select it if it is checked, then when I uncheck it, deselect all the select items when the header checkbox is false?