How to get the node data in the TreePanel?

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    How to get the node data in the TreePanel?

    I want to get the node data in the TreePanel when the checkbox of the node change, my code as:
    var loadOperation = function (pageId, node) {, '');

    var nodecheckchange = function (check) {'',check);

    <ext:TreePanel runat="server" ID="treeView_modules" RootVisible="false">
    <ItemClick Handler="if ( { loadOperation(, node); return false;}" StopEvent="true" Delay="500" />
    <CheckChange Handler="nodecheckchange(checked);" StopEvent="true" Delay="500">
    the node build as following:
    foreach(var n in allQ.Where(item=>item.Parent_ID==m.PageID))
    Node child = new Node();
    child.Text = n.PageName;
    child.IconFile = n.PageIcon;
    child.NodeID = BaseControl.GenerateID();
    child.CustomAttributes.Add(new ConfigItem("Page_ID", n.PageID));
    child.Leaf = true;
    child.Checked = n.IsCheck;
    How can i get the Page_ID value in the codebehinde when the checkbox change?
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