Mask for textfield in ext mobile version

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    Mask for textfield in ext mobile version

    How to use mask in mobile textfield?
    In the version for webforms I use InputMask.
    How would it be in the mobile version?

    <ext:TextField ID="txtPlaca" Padding="1" runat="server" Width="130" FieldLabel="Placa" Name="Placa" LabelAlign="Top">
            <ext:InputMask runat="server" Mask="999-9999" />                                        
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    Hello @cdeveloper!

    I'm afraid the Mobile version of Ext.NET, based on Ext JS 6.0.2 (modern toolkit) has no support for the feature.

    Ext JS 6.0.2 developed since then and introduced its own input mask plugin along the road to version 6.7.0, but we still have not upgraded the mobile version of Ext.NET to the latest corresponding Ext JS. Unfortunately, we do not have a time frame for when that's going to happen.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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