New Project... Can I use

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    New Project... Can I use


    I have acquired a new client to whom I have proposed the use of EXT.NET.

    With this new customer I will have to start the development of a WebApp whose budget is about 15,000 euros.

    I am in possession of an old Ext.Net 2.x license but I would like to develop with the new 4.x ... besides I am a single developer.

    When I bought the 2.x version I paid about 400 Dollars, now it costs 4.999 Dollars !!!!

    The sources code will have to give them to the customer so I imagine that the customer will have to pay for the purchase of an EXT.NET license.

    The question is:
    is there a possibility to purchase the EXT.NET usage license without having to spend a third of the entire cost of the project?

    I am a single developer .... why do I have to buy 5 licenses?
    What do I do with the other 4?
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    Hello @Mario!

    Thanks for the interest in Ext.NET! But this condition for 5 developers was imposed "upstream" from Sencha, the developer of Ext JS, which Ext.NET is based on. At some point a few years ago, they decided to discontinue single developer licenses, this incurred in lots and lots of discussion and rage from the community, but they were final on their decision.

    Now they have a kind of single developer licensing which limitations do not allow Ext.NET to work on that model. This is not one limitation from our (Ext.NET) own. This is a license limitation in their design.

    I'm not even sure where to point you to start reading about that, as there were so many and long topics on this both here in Ext.NET Licensing forums and in Sencha's forums.

    Hope you understand.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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